Cleffa (クレファ, Kurefa) is a is a baby Fairy-type Star Shape Pokémon that is known to evolve into a Clefairy starting at level with high friendship, which evolves into Clefable when exposed to a Moon Stone.


Voice actor: Megumi Hayashibara (both English and Japanese)

Cleffa is a small, pink creature that is vaguely star-shaped in appearance. Its ears are completely brown. It has two small black eyes, a small mouth, and it appears to have a small, permanent blush on its cheeks. It possesses stubby, digitless arms and legs, which come to a point. It has a curl on its forehead and a curled up tail. Its height is 1'00" and weight is 6.6 lbs.

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It has been known to be attracted by meteor showers, and sightings of this Pokémon always increase during meteor showers. When it does show up, it dances the night away.


Cleffa lives in mountainous regions.


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Cleffa can also gain nutrients by drinking dew water.

Major appearancesEdit

In Wish Upon a Star Shape, a Cleffa fell from a spaceship that belonged to the kleptomaniac Clefairy from Clefairy Tales. Ash, Sonic and Thier friends had to get the Star Shape Pokémon back to its group before Team Rocket and the Pokémon Mystery Club could get their hands on it. It evolved at the end of the episode.

Several Cleffa appeared in the episode A Real Cleffa-Hanger.

A Cleffa appeared in Hungry For the Good Life!.


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Cleffa first appeared in Pikachu & Pichu as part of the Pichu Bros Posse.

Another Cleffa appeared in the Sinnoh Grand Festival in Last Call — First Round!.

A Cleffa appeared under the ownership of Normajean in The Brockster Is In!.

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Cleffa, Star Shape Pokémon. The pre-evolved form of Clefairy. It has the silhouette of a star shape in the night sky which has led some to believe that they reach the Earth riding on shooting stars. Strangely, many Cleffa are often found on nights of meteor showers. Cleffa are also said to form circles and dance as if they are flying on nights when there are many falling stars.


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